Markdom Plastic Products Limited


Markdom is a Custom Injection Moulder, utilizing state of the art injection moulding machines. Due to our large range of machines (100 to 1000 tons) we have the expertise to produce a variety of products.

Our product knowledge is broad and extensive, specializing in the following:

Support Brackets – Fascias, Headlamps, Window Frame
Windshield Supports – Front & Back Glass.
Control Module Retention Brackets - ECM, TCM, PCM, BCM, BEC
Air Bag Brackets
I/P Components


Wheel Liners
Splash Shields,
Support Brackets,
Harness Brackets,
Hose Clips,
Vacuum Fittings



Fuel Filler Pockets / Housings
Retainers – Jack Stowage, Appliqués
Fuel Filler Door Latch Assemblies
Window Latch Assemblies
Case & Guide Tube Assemblies for Spare Wheel
Grommets – Rubber
Caps & Plugs

Liftgate & Door Wedge Systems – Body Side and Gate Side
Liftgate Bumper Assemblies
Locator Assemblies
Covers - Lock Striker, Door Hinges
Window Regulators



License Plate Brackets
Trim Panels




Seat components,
Center Console components
Occupant Restraint Systems
I/P components
Door and Trim